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Unlike any other book you’ve seen, The Cosmic Journal is a unique combination of a powerful oracle, wise sage, and friendly guide rolled into one. You can read it cover to cover or flip to a page like an Oracle at “random” to see the perfect message awaiting you from the Universe, along with a writing prompt to nudge you to uncover your own answers. Each page has been whimsically illustrated and completely hand-lettered by visionary entrepreneur Yanik Silver.

“Don’t Hit Snooze on Your Alarm Clock”

It starts as a whisper, a small voice that gets louder and louder until you either answer the call of your destiny or ignore it and fall back asleep into your small self. Connect your head, heart, and highest self to unlock the doors to your truth.

The power of journaling has been proven—writing helps remove mental blocks, provides clarity, relieves stress, and even makes you happier in your day-to-day life. Write in here, embellish it, jot notes to yourself, and even slip items inside your book to make it uniquely yours. The more you play with it, the more you’ll find the perfect signs, symbols, and synchronicities appearing in your life.

Even if you have tried journaling and stopped or have never done it, you’ll love the Cosmic Journal. It’s totally different because it’s like getting a direct download from the Universe on what is yours to do here.

How to Order the Cosmic Journal and Receive Your Special Bonuses:

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1 Cosmic Journal – Bonus value: $49.00

Bonus: “11-Day Cosmic Journal With Yanik Challenge.”  The best way to get into the habit of journaling is to DO IT each and every day. Yanik will be there with you and you just need to commit to 11 minutes/day for 11 days. The next challenge will start March 20, 2020. Each day we’ll connect together in a private Facebook group to inspire and hold each other accountable. Bonus: Secret and deleted pages from the Cosmic Journal. There are new pages that didn’t make it inside the journal to give you even more inspiration and insight.

5 Cosmic Journals – Bonus value: $199.00

Bonus: Cosmic Journaling Online Workshop

You’ll be able to pen your own past, present and future by doing much deeper in the art and science of journaling. And not just journaling but the mythic aspect of Cosmic Journaling™. You’ll discover how to create our own personalized journal beyond the pages of the Cosmic Journal. 

+ Everything from previous bonus package

Perfect package to give away a few copies of the Cosmic Journal to a few of your favorite friends and colleagues. They’ll love it!

50 Cosmic Journals – Bonus value: $399.00

Bonus: Autographed copy of the special limited edition Cosmic Journal in vegetarian leather. Only 888 copies of this edition were printed.

+ Everything from previous bonus package

250 Cosmic Journals – Bonus value: $1,500.00

Bonus: Yanik will host either a 1-hour Cosmic Journal virtual workshop or training online with your group on any topic of your choice. Or you can select a private 1-on-1 consultation. Yanik typically charges $1,000 per hour for training and consulting. 

Bonus: Unique custom illustration for you. You get to pick the quote and all the wording with it. Or Yanik will create it based on what you submit. Great way to create an eye-catching graphic around your favorite wisdom and insights.

+ Everything from previous bonus package

Have other ideas or a custom package? Let’s talk about it. Drop us a note hello@cosmicjournal.com